The Process

1. You!

New campers are 13-15 years old. Open to all. Inclusion is our way. No experience or gear needed. Free of charge. 

*Exceptions can be made for 12 or 16 year-old youth to enter. Families that are able are encouraged to contribute or fundraise to help make our program possible for all!

2. Applications + agency nominations open

3. In-home meeting (or whatever!) with Go Beyond staff.

4. Spring hikes @ Fontenelle Forest (families included!)

Get to know each other, discover our local outdoor opportunities, and plan our mountain adventures together!

*Transportation available!

Cohort (a totally new group!)

Your new expedition group, or cohort, begins! This group, together, will take on adventures near and far. Campers come from across the community. No one knows each other well prior to camp.

Structure: 12 campers + 2 junior counselors (natural leaders) + 4 professional-level counselors

5. Orientation Weekend Campout

Pitch a tent. S’mores. A campfire. Games. Learn about wildlife. Meet your cohort. 

6. Expeditions​

Each cohort takes the trip of a lifetime to the Rockies! We balance challenge and accessibility. Our goal is to make this possible for YOU!

Alpine, WY (10-16 days)

A once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Tetons. Backpack the wild Wind River Range, hike Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, rock climb and swim in Sinks Canyon, explore Jackson Hole, and raft through the towering mountains and epic whitewater of the Snake River canyon!

Centennial, WY (8-12 days)

This world-class summer camp experience is filled with amazing outdoor adventures including hiking the summit of Medicine Bow, exploring our ranch’s 412-acre conservation and scientific area, backpacking the Snowies, Saratoga hot springs, horseback riding, rock-climbing Sinks Canyon, and whitewater rafting on the famous Cache la Poudre!

7. And then we really get going!

Monthly+ cohort and large group events help us keep growing together! We focus on nature, development, and relationships:

  • Hikes around the region
  • Kayaking the Platte
  • Game/dinner nights
  • Overnight camping
  • Artist/creator mentoring
  • Mountain biking
  • Leading new groups on nature outings
  • Biology/science outings (including the zoo!)
  • and a rock-climbing Winter Break retreat gets us a day away over the holidays!

Calling all Natural Leaders!

For any camper who wants to, the Go Beyond adventures continue!

  • Junior counselors take a second WY expedition to gain experience, go on amazing overnight adventures around our region, learn leadership and job skills, gain First Aid training, mentor with Go Beyond, and so much more! 
  • Then, you join Go Beyond or partner expeditions as a paid member of the leadership team! For many junior counselors, this is their first paid job! 
  • At age 21, you’re ready to be a full Go Beyond counselor!