Begin Your Journey

Rooted in nature, outdoor adventure, epic scenery and a great group of campers and counselors – this camp increases students’ confidence gives them space to develop their own unique sense of self.

Students learn the basics of hiking, camping, outdoor safety, and participate in adventure activities like horseback riding, white water rafting, and outdoor rock climbing. Other activities include wildlife identification, endangered species education, with daily reflections and journaling in environmental topics. 

Perfect for any student entering their 7th or 8th grade year – this summer experience is filled with incredible outdoor activities perfect for any experience level. 


Any student who will be entering 7th or 8th grade in the Fall. No previous camping experience needed but most importantly all applicants should have a high desire to try new things and be open to challenge.  

We know not every student is the same. Exceptions may apply, just ask!

Overnight Retreat

Before heading to Wyoming, we spend a night together so students can meet each other, their counselors and talk about their upcoming journey.

They’ll learn basic rules, create a group agreement and begin some outdoor skills. 

Attendance is strongly encouraged! 

Wyoming Trip

Explorers takes students to our Centennial Ranch under the Snowy Range in southern Wyoming. From there we are a short drive to the Medicine Bow peak, Vedauwoo rock climbing area, and the Cache la Poudre in Colorado where we raft whitewater!

The 8-10 day camps are filled with activity and exploration. All the physical activities at camp are set at a beginner level with the options to go farther. All the hikes vary in distance and difficulty but in total we hike 15+ miles over the week. Including a 7 mile hike to the top of a mountain!

There’s plenty of relaxing time too, we’ll soak in a natural hot spring, journal, play games, craft, and enjoy evenings around a camp fire. 

Fall Reunion

Since most of our students attend different Junior High and High Schools, we love getting them back together after our trip to share stories, look at pictures, and remember all they accomplished as a group. 

Reunion activities may vary each year but are usually in September and over the winter break.

More Opportunities!

Explorers can be just the beginning of Go Beyond! We strive to have local activities to continue outdoor skills learned at camp. Students who complete Explorers may return as Natural Leaders (our junior counselor program) gaining leadership and job skills!

Program Outcomes

Personal Development

Personal Development

Develop self-reflection and an awareness of social skills, healthy lifestyle and relationships, an awareness of inclusiveness, and a sense of self.

Community Engagement

Community Development

Students work as a group to travel, accomplish goals, prepare meals, and learn to value others opinions and needs in these situations. They also bring outdoor lessons back to their homes and schools to share information with others.

Environmental Awareness

Environmental Awareness

Students learn how to be environmental stewards and how their actions can impact their surroundings.
They actively learn conservation practices, Leave No Trace ethics, our human impact, the interactive balance of ecosystems, and human interactions and effects related to the environment.

Challenge Seeking

Challenge Seeking

Students Go Beyond what they think they can accomplish and overcome fears associated with many challenging situations.

2021 Summer Dates

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2020 Summer Dates

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Rock Climbing

Spend a day in Vedauwoo climbing the world-famous rock formations! There are multiple routes for beginners with options to increase difficulty, and even an optional repel! Students less interested in climbing are still encouraged to try and then given the option to learn to belay and support their peers.


If you can walk, you can hike! And at camp, we hike a lot. From 2 miles to 7 miles we hike in sagebrush, mountain, and meadows- building our strength and stamina every mile. Hikes teach resilience and provide special views of nature away from the side of the road.

Medicine Bow Peak

Our most difficult hike but also the greatest accomplishment! Students hike 7 miles and go to the top of the highest mountain in the Snowy Range at over 12,000 feet elevation. We take our time and plenty of breaks to make sure everyone gets to the top together.

Campfire Cooking

Help prepare and cook your meals while camping over a fire! We’ll make pasta, soup, ramen, and of always s’mores!

White Water

Experience a taste of white water as we raft down the Cache de la Poudre river in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Horse Riding

A true western tradition, we spend an afternoon on a ranch filled with cows, pigs, chickens and horses of course! Students ride in small groups over the open range learning to control the animal and trusting themselves.

Night Sky

No screens allowed at camp, but we have plenty of stars and sky to gaze at. See the Milky Way, plants, and constellations almost every night!


We do a lot of physical activities at camp, but we set aside time each day to talk about how those accomplishments make us feel! Students all are given journals to dive deeper in their thoughts or document everything we do!

Wyoming Toad

A very special part of our Centennial Ranch, is the reintroduction of the Wyoming Toad. Formerly thought to be extinct, this endangered species is protected in our back yard! Scientists from around the nation utilize our 2-conservation lakes and wetlands, teaching the students about the importance of every living creature.

“Thank you so much for all your help and giving me the opportunity to go to camp. It was so much fun meeting new people.”

– ALEXIS 2016