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NOVEMBER 2023 - We are currently doing a complete program review and articulation as we get ready to expand in 2024. Look for more info to come!

Go Beyond's Leadership Through Nature programs provide life-changing opportunities to 12-15 year-old's from across our community by building connections to our own local outdoors throughout the school year, and taking on the trip of a lifetime each summer: a road-trip expedition to mountain summits, whitewater rafting, rock-climbing, and backpacking in the Rockies.

2023 Go Beyond General Brochure:


45+ years  |  2 amazing donated Wyoming basecamps  |  1300+ campers  |  40+ area schools

150+ professional-level counselors  |  12+ nominating partner agencies  |  12+ program partner agencies

45+ volunteers

Open to all  |  Focus on trauma-impacted youth

Generous donors from across the community make Go Beyond possible. 

All programs are open to everyone cost-free.​

Generous donors from across the community make Go Beyond possible.

For our core Go Beyond Homaha program, new campers are 13-15 years old. Open to all. Inclusion is our way. No experience or gear needed. Free of charge. We’ll work with you to make this all possible! 

To make our programming possible for all, we are always grateful for help fundraising! Contact our Executive Director Ian Kimmer for more information ian@gobeyondne.org (c)218-750-0784

Together, we explore opportunities for all of us to find an extraordinary new story of ourselves, our community, fortitude, openness, triumph, and resilience.





We don’t pretend to have the right answers here  –  our lived experience is a bit more real than to let us EVER say that  –  but with incredible counselors and extraordinary experiences, a new group of peers and a focus on the next right step,  we can open a whole new story ahead together. And YOU get to write that! We just open the door and, because we also walked through the same kind of doors in our own lives, we stand together in fortitude.

Adventure and natural landscapes open new paths ahead for us. Our journeys together engage us in new ways with our community and people we’d never otherwise meet. The trip of a lifetime opens us to ourselves and others. And we Go Beyond anything we’ve known before!

Taking on such as extraordinary adventure together, relying on each other and communicating, finding self-discovery and courage, and knowing the freedom to be authentic with a new group of peers can change our lives forever. Through connections to nature we now have the life-long benefits known by both science and art. And we become a community to support the new campers each year, and next, and beyond.

Growing our impact through experience, expertise, community interest and vision, our offers truly world-class opportunities to our campers. Our pivotal experience, the Wyoming summer-camp trip, is an 8-14 day expedition for 12 campers, 2 junior counselors, 4 counselor staff, and support volunteers. Our regional and guiding expertise means our time in the field includes the best destinations and experiences on the planet. Our 2 base-camps, the Centennial Ranch and Alpine Mountain Camp, donated in the 1970’s and 80’s and set in breathtaking spaces, have singular access to the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, and Rock Mountain National Parks, the Wind River Range, and much more.

Our trip leadership teams prioritize youth-service experience, authenticity, and compassion. We provide all needs and costs for everyone involved in Go Beyond and can arrange to outfit a camper who would benefit from that – we want NO barrier between anyone and these opportunities to Go Beyond!

An inclusive group of new peers, our campers come from across all demographics and neighborhoods through partner agency nominations and an open application. Together with our staff, professional-level counselors (teachers, youth-service agency professionals, etc.) and volunteers, we connect to each other as 12-camper cohorts and as a larger past, present, and future Go Beyond community. We connect locally to nature (hiking and camping at Fontenelle Forest, paddling the Platte River) and to outdoor adventure (rock-climbing Northstar and UNO). We connect to access by creating nature-based opportunities for all families and communities. We connect to science, working with agencies to save an endangered species at our Centennial Ranch, and facing climate change’s acute impact with the rest of the Rocky Mountain region. And we connect to opportunities to grow into future Go Beyond leaders through our Natural Leader junior counselor progression.